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About Us

The love of horses goes back a few generations in this family. In the 1940's Kay Roskam and her father, Ray had palomino parade horses in Arizona. Kay was the Prescott Rodeo Queen in 1947 before moving to Denver and marrying Vic Rowe.

Kay Flag.jpg

Together they raised three children: Sheryl Rowe-Mconnell, Scott Rowe, and Tracy Rowe-Dowson. The Rowe family raised and trained Quarter Horses and Paints and participated in 4-H, shows and rodeos. Both Sheryl and Tracy continue to raise and show Arabian and Half-Arabian horses.

Youth Win 05 Kendra  Roy.jpg

Kendra McConnell and Roy Dowson did well in the 2005 Arabian and Half-Arabian Youth Nationals. The geldings shown here are full brothers by the McConnell's foundation sire, Flemenco Bey V, Wild Irish Willy (McConnell) and Irish Bug-A-Boo (Dowson).

Tracy  Dean Jazz2011.jpg

While Tracy does most of the showing now, Dean enjoys trail riding with his friends and is currently the President of "The Ten Most Wanted", a gentlemen's ride in Grandby, Colorado in the fall. For more information about this ride contact Dean at or go to the website:

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